VehicleScan provides the best option for security professionals to identify foreign objects concealed under vehicles.

VehicleScan provides a fast, safe and effective method to scan underneath vehicles. It constitutes a major enhancement to your security portfolio – offering stand off identification of suspicious items/objects attached to vehicles, with minimal impact upon vehicle flow through control points.

Static or Mobile Deployments

VehicleScan can be supplied in either static or mobile configurations. The static system is a permanent deployment and is installed on or below the road surface. The mobile system is a rapidly deployable portable version integrated into a heavy-duty rubber ramp assembly.

The static system is housed in a small pit in the road at the entrance to a security area. It can be easily retro-fitted into existing search bays and is completely non-intrusive to the driver.

The mobile system takes only 20 minutes to deploy. Hard wearing and suitable for any temporary security measure, it can also be used for permanent installations where alterations to the road surface are not possible.

Mobile System

Static System


  • Easy-to-Use Interface
    The User Interface is incredibly intuitive and simple to use. In just one day of training any user will be able to master searching vehicles for foreign objects.
  • High Scan Quality
    VehicleScan gives the highest resolution images of any under-vehicle scanning system, so you have the best possible image of the underside of the vehicle. The line-scanning, full colour camera technology provides operators with the best opportunity to identify foreign objects.
  • Systems Integration
    The VehicleScan software is incredibly versatile, and can be adapted to work with any CCTV suite, or command and control software. VehicleScan can even be integrated with your own security network to allow more advanced data aggregation.
  • Vehicle Logging
    Using Automatic Number Plate Recognition(ANPR), VehicleScan maintains a detailed database of vehicles on site. VehicleScan will compare every scan with a previous image of that vehicle, and alert the operator to changes on its underside.
  • High Throughput for Any Vehicle Type
    VehicleScan provides image scans in real-time, and with a typical throughput speed of 18 mph (30 kph) vehicles are not unduly delayed. VehicleScan is suitable for any vehicle, including cars, motorbikes, articulated lorries, coaches, vehicles with trailers, and even trains.

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