GroundHunter Wand

GroundHunter Wand

Handheld high precision wire detector for IED diagnostics

GroundHunter Wand is a wire detector with unrivalled performance. Unique sensing technology detects both IEDs and command wires for remotely controlled devices with pinpoint accuracy and a high degree of assurance.


GroundHunter Wand uses a unique, patented sensing technology which enables accurate and reliable diagnostic performance. It operates independently without the need for additional infrastructure.


GroundHunter Wand has been developed in conjunction with UK MOD specialists. Deployed operationally, it performs in both wet and dry conditions and against a wide variety of soil types.


With its excellent detection performance, intuitive user interface and quick set up time GroundHunter Wand quickly gains a high level of user confidence.


GroundHunter Wand is exceptionally light (less than 0.6kg with batteries) and compact allowing it to be carried on the belt. It can be easily used at arm’s length in hard to reach spaces and gives feedback to the user through vibration, sound and visual display. This gives it a high degree of operational flexibility in many scenarios.

It is interoperable with in-service equipment of numerous nations and has an exceptionally high level of electro-magnetic compatibility performance.