GroundHunter MHDS

GroundHunter MHDS

Hand-held IED detector with interchangeable sensor heads

GroundHunter Multi-Head Detector System (MHDS) is the world’s first IED detector to have interchangeable command wire and metal detection heads. This allows search teams to respond rapidly to changing search requirements. Using the same stock the system benefits from a common user interface, is quickly reconfigurable and allows the addition of future sensors.

Operational Flexibility

GroundHunter MHDS is the only IED detector with interchangeable heads to detect both command wires and metal. This provides search teams with the ability to adapt to the threat environment.

Reduced Soldier Burden

The system is lightweight and collapsible to allow multiple heads to be carried by a single operator.

Reduced Training Burden

By using the same stock, the user interface is common to all heads which significantly reduces the training burden.

Future Capability

The system is designed to readily accommodate new sensor heads as they are introduced, either to detect new threats or incorporate new technologies.

GroundHunter MHDS delivers capability today and through-life, protecting your investment into the future.

Dependable and Trusted

With over 40 years’ experience in designing and building military sensors and systems, Chemring is a supplier to armed forces throughout the world. Continuously introducing market firsts, our history of developing unique, patented technologies allows us to bring world-leading products to our customers.