Freeze Neutralising Kit

Freeze Neutralising Kit

A complete cryogenic delivery capability including a Remotely Activated Injector Kit (RAIK)

The Freeze Neutralising Kit (FNK) is an autonomous cryogenic delivery system which enables EOD technicians to inject liquid nitrogen into threat packages for both IEDD and EOD applications.


Remotely Activated Injector Kit
The RAIK device ensures the needle penetrates effectively to allow liquid nitrogen into the target device.

Rapid Neutralisation
The liquid nitrogen rapidly reduces any IED power source to zero volts.

Continued Defeat Capability
Having deactivated the power source, the FNK provides sufficient capacity to maintain neutralisation of the power source.

Extended Capability
The liquid nitrogen vessel will remain available for use for at least of one calendar week after being filled (subject to correct storage conditions).

Man Portable
The liquid nitrogen vessel can be placed on a suitable trolley and moved into position by the EOD technician even when wearing a bomb suit.

Robot Integration
The FNK can be integrated onto a robot using an appropriate mounting interface.

More information

The FNK includes a Remotely Activated Injector Kit (RAIK) which remotely penetrates the exterior walls of a threat device by means of a small propellant cartridge. When the RAIK needle has entered the target device, liquid nitrogen then flows into the inner volume which rapidly decreases the temperature of any electronic circuitry, battery pack or other temperature sensitive devices.

The system can be deployed against a wide range of threat devices from canvas bags to metallic structures such as fire extinguishers.

The system can be supplied as a stand-alone system configured for manual deployment by the operator or can be packaged to permit deployment via a suitably equipped Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV).

For more information, please download the FNK datasheet.