The PED Mk2 offers the latest in operational capability where a programmable countdown timer is required for initiation. A direct replacement for the world leading PED 100 system, the PED Mk2 includes new features to better support today’s modern operations.


Wide Countdown Range
PED MK2 can be set to accurately trigger an explosive event for delays of between 1 minute and 30 days.

Easily Portable
PED Mk2 retains the small size of the original PED 100 but is 40g lighter.

Configure and Deploy Anywhere
The integrated programmer allows the timer to be set in the field. In addition, PED Mk2 can survive immersion to a depth of 30m.

Can Only Be Tasked for Your Mission
Removal of the tear off keypad makes it impossible to re-programme or repurpose the device if desired.

Accurate Timing Allows Enhanced Operational Coordination
PED Mk2 has an accuracy of better than one second per day. This allows the detonation of charges to be precisely timed and multiple explosives can therefore be synchronised.

Covert Operation Improves Mission Success
The small size and near silent emissions profile of PED Mk2 reduces the probability that the timer will be discovered.

Reduced Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)
The PED Mk2 does not require a separate programming device thus reducing soldier burden and simplifying training requirements.

More about PED MK2

A update to the field-proven PED (Programmable Electronic Delay) 100, the Mk2 has been made lighter, easier to use, and does not require a separate programming device. This allows the user, such as Special Forces or military engineers, the ability to rapidly set custom time delays at the point of deployment.

More information

For more information, including order codes, please download the PED Mk2 datasheet or contact us.