Breach MC

Breach MC

Breach Multi-Circuit (MC) is a securely coded RF initiator which allows multiple receivers to be selectively fired. With a range in excess of 500 m (1600 feet), Breach MC is ideal for use in electro-explosive device applications, including Explosive Method of Entry (EMOE), and remote disruptor activation for EOD/UXO tasks.


Selectable Multi-Receiver Initiation
Users are able to create up to ten firing groups containing any number of receivers. This is achieved by assigning each receiver to one of ten circuit IDs and is set by the user on the device. The user can then select a circuit ID to fire which will initiate all the receivers set with the chosen circuit ID.

Fire All Mode
Using a single transmitter, all receivers, irrespective of their assigned circuit ID, can be initiated simultaneously with a broadcast fire command.

Secure Coding
The system coding is extremely secure with multiple data validity checks and cyclic redundancy algorithms to prevent inadvertent initiation of the receiver.

Increased Battery Availability
To maximize the operational availability of Breach MC both the transmitter and receivers use the same commercial off the shelf batteries.

Electronic and Shock Tube Receivers
Breach MC offers both electronic and shock tube receiver variants. The electronic receiver has wire output terminals to deliver a high energy capacitivedischarge pulse of 1.5 Joules. The shock tube receiver delivers a high voltage spark initiation to directly initiate shock tube (Nonel®) based firing trains.

Common Transmitter
The same transmitter can be used to initiate both electronic or shock tube receivers within the same firing system or circuit ID.

More about Breach Multi-circuit

Breach MC operates on a single frequency which is selected by the customer and is set at manufacture.

Up to ten circuit IDs are available and can be used to initiate an unlimited number of receivers which can be a mix of electronic or shock tube variants.

To ensure user safety, all Breach MC receivers cannot initiate with 5 seconds of being switched on. This delay can be extended on user request and is set at at manufacture.

For more information, please download the Breach MC datasheet.