WASP Disruptor

WASP Disruptor

EOD team members on dismounted patrol have enough to carry. WASP offers a lightweight alternative without compromising effect.

The WASP disruptor is easily carried and operated by a single person making it ideally suited for conventional EOD or Special Forces dismounted operations.

Operational availability is also increased. In addition to the familiar Pigstick cartridge, WASP can also use more widely available and lower cost Chemring 12G cartridges.


  • Reduces Soldier Burden
    WASP weighs less than 1kg fully charged - a 2 kg saving compared to Pigstick.
  • Operational Flexibility
    The Stand Adaptor allows WASP to be used on a range of existing stands.
  • Operational Availability
    WASP can use a variety of cartridges which mitigates the risk of supply issues.
  • No Training Overhead
    Training can be conducted on the same in-service equipment without affecting its operational performance. WASP also uses the same water projectile system users are familiar with.

More about WASP

The lightest and toughest disruptor in its class, WASP is a general purpose disruptor designed to defeat a wide range of IEDs.

It uses proven water jet technology to dynamically separate the key components of an explosive device to avoid detonation. The injector can be prepared remotely and fired using either a firing line and electronic exploder, or a remote firing system such as the Breach system.

It can be deployed using the lightweight stand provided, conventional tripods, or mini and micro ROVs.

All the components are contained in a lightweight purpose-made canvas holdall.

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