Mast Mounted

Mast Mounted

A range of static mast mounted electronic surveillance solutions to meet a variety of operational scenarios.

Covering the full detection range and with installations from 7m to 50m these antenna configurations enable group clutter clearance for forward operating bases as well as extending the range of a RESOLVE system.

Mast Sensor

The RESOLVE Mast Sensor has been developed for use on large masts (7m - 50m). This configuration houses the RESOLVE AGS unit, switch box and VQuad within the Radome. Digitising at the antenna allows for increased height while avoiding RF loss on the cable.

An optional addition to the Mast Sensor, MastQuad provides high sensitivity, seamless coverage from 20MHz to 3GHz. The folding dipole design is easy to erect and provides increased sensitivity and DF accuracy at the lower operating frequencies.


The VQuad can be mast mounted, radome protected, and elevated up to seven meters or mounted permanently onto any platform. VQuad is based on the field proven and award winning QuadTac, however, there is no requirement for the dipole arms to close which allows for larger dipole elements to be used. This provides increased sensitivity at the lower operating frequencies.