The RESOLVE EW Manpack is a 100% UK state-of-the-art field proven Electronic Surveillance and Attack system.

A single RESOLVE EW Manpack can be used in isolation to provide both full spectrum surveillance and Direction Finding (DF) capabilities. When networked with other RESOLVE systems it is then possible to position fix targets using Angle of Arrival (AOA) techniques.

A Manpack system can be deployed in one of three configurations.


A Manpack configuration for the dismounted soldier.

In the On-the-March configuration, RESOLVE provides the dismounted operator with an immediate threat warning, direction finding and position fix capability.

  • Lightweight - the Manpack system can be carried by a single operator
  • On-the-March Monitoring - the PDA unit allows communications monitoring in real-time while on the march
  • Collaborative Position Fix - the on-the-march configuration can network with any other RESOLVE systems to provide geolocation


A lightweight configuration to provide an EW system on vehicles of opportunity.

The QuadTac antenna can be rapidly mounted onto any vehicle of opportunity. Operators can use it with either the PDA for immediate threat warning, or with the laptop to access the full suite of applications available.

  • Position Fixing - while on the move multiple lines of bearing can be aggregated to establish a position fix
  • Extended Operations - RESOLVE is able to harvest power from the vehicle of opportunity

Static Deployment

The Manpack configuration can provide networked EW capability at forward observation positions.

In the Static configuration, RESOLVE can be networked with other systems to provide automatic target geolocation of signals of interest. In this configuration the full-suite of software application can be utilised from the ruggedised laptop.

  • Networking and target data fusion across the RESOLVE deployed baseline
  • Rapid target resolution, correlation, and geolocation
  • Manpack for deployment in complex terrain and covert operations