A smartphone data management system which benefits both operators and consumers.

Imagine a mobile network that is intelligent enough to work in harmony with smartphones and other devices to deliver an unparalleled mobile data experience taking into account the current needs of each individual customer.

Picture subscribers always getting the best that your network can offer best network connectivity, consistent device performance, just the right level of engagement with your marketing teams when it's needed.

Consider the benefits of being able to deploy this capability in a series of simple, low-risk steps delivering benefits for subscribers right from the start, yet building a fully standards-compliant solution with real-world use cases.

  • SmartSwitch delivers against C-level objectives for mobile data experience, supporting the main business drivers for customer recruitment, retention and revenues.
  • It can be deployed initially as a standalone app on Android and iOS devices, giving immediate benefits and establishing the business case for further roll out.
  • SmartSwitch has proven interoperability with major PCF vendors, giving a simple integration roadmap.
  • Use the power and speed of SmartSwitch to define and prove requirements for network policy, then deliver an end-to-end solution where the network and smart devices work together in perfect harmony.


  • Optimise data ARPU and subscriber loyalty
  • Give your subscriber the data experience they deserve


  • Protect subscriber experience and network revenues
  • Control the impact of badly-written apps and safely incorporate the use of untrusted networks into the total service offering


  • Spot problems with services before your customers do
  • Fine-tune network rollout planning to save CAPEX. Get instant feedback on service at a per-app level to save on support OPEX


  • Boost ARPU with contextual marketing
  • Subscriber engagement at the right time, in the right place increases upsell and dialogue acceptance