Do you realise how much GPS jamming affects your operations?

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is relied upon to provide accurate time and positioning for a wide variety of users. However, the signals from the satellites are very weak which means they can easily be jammed.

Whether accidental or deliberate jamming, GINCAN gives effective protection against the proliferation of low-cost, easy to operate GPS jamming devices.

GINCAN provides affordable, effective protection against GPS jamming. It ensures continuity of the important navigation and timing signals used by emergency services, logistics, security, and commercial operations.

GINCAN offers the following benefits

  • Small size and low weight – at just 48x24x24mm, GINCAN is ideal for space constrained or covert applications
  • Jamming warning – GINCAN provides an output that can be used provide either an audio or visual warning of a jamming event
  • Versatile design – Although design for in vehicle use, GINCAN can be used in any application where there is a threat from low power GPS jammers
  • Simple to install – GINCAN can be simply retrofitted with most GPS receivers, which keeps installation costs to a minimum

GINCAN has been developed by Chemring Technology Solutions, a world leader in GNSS technologies. With more than 20 years’ experience in this domain they develop antennas, timing systems, and advanced anti-jamming technologies for satellite navigation systems.

GINCAN is the latest in a suite of technologies that brings true end-to-end protection to organisations of all sizes across many industries around the world.