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Chemring Technology Solutions

Chemring Technology Solutions is an advanced science and technology company trusted by government, national security and commercial Customers to provide military, intelligence and commercial advantage.

From our two sites in the UK, world-class scientists and engineers rapidly solve complex Customer problems and create innovative technology solutions that protect and enhance lives.

Roke Manor Research Limited

Roke Manor Research Ltd is a world-class electronics engineering company that provides contract research, product development and manufacturing for a wide range of UK and international customers.

  • Defence - delivering adaptable military capability
  • Security - delivering intelligence insight
  • Innovation - delivering commercial advantage

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Chemring EOD Limited

Chemring EOD is a global provider of EOD, Counter-IED, and security systems. With over four decades supporting government agencies, armed forces, and civilian security teams it has an established track record in making life safer by countering explosive and other threats.

  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) - world leading equipment
  • Security - site access security

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